Marks Locker


Pork Pricing
prices subject to change

Slaughtering $40.00
Slaughtering over 300 pounds $50.00
Processing per pound $0.64
Processing 1/2 Hogs $0.68
B.B.Q. Hogs $60.00
Seasoned Sausage $0.40
Curing $0.80
Lard (rendered weight) $0.80
Cooked Beef or Pork $2.00
B.B.Q. Beef or Pork $2.50
Hams brought in to cure $1.50
Slice/Wrap/Freeze $0.50

* LAMBS $60.00 Minimum Charge

Ground pork/patties, seasoned sausage/patties, Hot Italian sausage, sweet Italian sausage, Brats, Brat patties, small links, large links, mock rib patties, luau loaf, wieners, fresh skinless links, sandwich bologna, polish sausage, Italian sticks

Pork Processing

Pork Shoulders Fresh roasts and steaks or
Cured roasts and steaks or
Country style ribs, or
Tenderized pork cutlets
Loins Pork chops 3/4", 1" or
Iowa chops, or
Boneless Butterfly chops, or
Boneless loin roasts, or
Cured loin roasts, or
Cured pork chops
Sides/Bellys Cured and smoked for bacon, or
Sliced fresh for side pork, or
Ground and added to pork products
Hams     Cured/smoked/left whole, (bone in or boneless) or
Cured/smoked, cut into roasts and steak
Fresh roasts and steak, or
Fresh boneless roasts, or
Cooked for B.B.Q. Pork and vacuum packaged
Hocks Fresh or smoked and cured or trimmed to grind
Ribs Spare ribs or trimmed to grind
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